The Visionaries of Mysore

It will ever be my aim and ambition in life to do all that lies in me to promote the progress and the prosperity of my beautiful state and the happiness of my beloved people.

The ideals for all Mysoreans is 'That they would wash themselves with Mysore soap, dry themselves with Mysore towels, clothe themselves in Mysore silks, ride Mysore horses, eat the abundant Mysore food, drink Mysore coffee with Mysore sugar, build them homes with Mysore cement, Mysore timber and Mysore steel, furnish their houses with Mysore furniture and write their letters on Mysore paper' and ponder over the things of spirit in terms of Mysore's ancient heritage.

The ideal of promoting institutions and industries which provide an everlasting value to society can be encompassed in modern terminology as a 'Heritage of Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, and in an effort to preserve and bring this heritage into the modern ethos, the Bherunda Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundation has been formed.

Timeline of Timeless Legacies

Addressing the Core Challenges in the Agricultural Sector

The Mysore state took up innovative and large projects of importance like the great irrigational projects of the Krishnarajasagara Dam, the Vani Vilasa Sagara, and the Chamaraja Sagara, which provided a constant supply of water for irrigation and lessened the dangers of the scarcity of rainfall.

More than 2500 major and 22000 minor tanks in the state were set up to quench the thirst of people and aid food production.

Enlightened Citizenry through Education

The Mysore State started the Department of Education in 1857 with a vigorous educational drive. Enabling environments like the Compulsory Education Act of 1913 and the Elementary Education Act of 1931 brought the focus of the Mysore State on creating an enlightened society. Innovative thinking for larger and long-term goals, like focusing on education,  was always a priority. 

There were more than 6500 public institutions with over 3 lakh pupils in the state in 1935.

Providing the
Best Medical Care

With no less than 282 medical institutions and with more than 53 lakh patients treated every year (1932), advanced medical care was provided to the citizens of the state.

The Mysore state saw an increase of 85 medical institutions, with more than 19000 in-patients and 20 lakh out-patients treated in a year!

Growing the Economy of Mysore State

Some of the best innovative industries and products that benefitted the people were built during the 19th century from the Bhadravathi Iron Works to the Sandal Oil Factory and the Mysore Soap Factory to the Silk Weaving Factory.

Further, Kolar Gold Fields, Mandya Sugar Factory, The Mysore Medical Products, and many such landmark industries were set up to give impetus to people's welfare and empowerment.

Income Stream for Citizenry

To bring about an increase in the income stream of the people, and to encourage entrepreneurship, Mysore state helped people start a large number of cottage industries at their homes.

Spinning and weaving, tape making, cart making, net making, knitting, coir and rope making, cotton ginning, flour milling and oil extraction, among many others, were fostered to help cottage industries.

The Bherunda Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation (BIEF), chaired by HH Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, aims to draw on the ethos of Mysore’s historic legacy and reengineer the spirit of innovation & entrepreneurship for the prosperity and benefit of all people, creating a happy society by bettering the quality of life.

BIEF Areas of Impact

Cybersecurity, AI, ML & Big Data



Education Transformation