Certification in
Cyber Psychology

Cyber Psychology is a 16 hours (5 sessions) live Instructor-led program that introduces students to the new field within psychology know as “cyber psychology,” including the history, theories, research, and practical applications of this new discipline.

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Cyber psychology employs traditional psychological concepts in understanding how individuals and groups react to digital environments, but cyber psychology researchers have also proposed new principles that fall outside the range of traditional approaches.

In this course students will be encouraged to think critically about the application of old and new concepts in cyber psychology, to evaluate research in this field, to investigate the impact of social media and other digital environments on human behaviour and mental health, and to understand how cyberspace has affected their own lives.

Like many specialty areas within psychology, cyber psychology now has its own journals, conferences, and culture, resulting in a new academic entity that students will be encouraged to explore.​

  • Evolution of society
  • Information age -1950 to cybernetic age
  • Communication in families –transition
  • The generation science – from baby boomers to alpha
  • The birth of Intra – internet- cyber psychology
  • Theory of cyberspace
  • Brain and cyberspace – chemical game
  • Mind and cyberspace – inner needs
  • The virus in mind, programming of the mind, and installing antivirus in mind
  • The architecture of cyberpsychology
  • Dimensions of cyberpsychology.- Identity dimension/Text dimension
  • Virtual reality/Augmented reality
  • Different types of Addictions –cause-effect
  • Overcoming addictions
  • Gaming and its effects
  • Gambling
  • Pornography /Child pornography –understanding of perpetrators and victims
  • Online romance sex and relationship
  • Cybercrime types- personalities in cyberspace
  • Cyber security and Cyberlaw
  • Case studies
  • Activities for students /reaction papers
  • Survey submission /project

  • Psychologists
  • Psychology Students
  • Engineers
  • Doctors
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Professionals in the software industry.

Rs. 10,000 + GST

Certification in
Cyber Psychology

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You will get weekly assignments and research work to enhance your course understanding.

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Our Faculty

Prof(Dr) Rakesh Kriplani

Faculty - Cyberverse

Emeritus Resource Faculty, School of Criminology & Behavioral Science (SCBS)
RK Psychotherapy and Director CIIPS

Prof(Dr) Rakesh Kriplani has a Ph.D in Psychology and is a world-renowned cyber psychologist. He is a Cyber Crime Intervention Officer and has helped thousands of cyber crime victims across the world. He teaches in many international and Indian universities and is on the advisory board of numerous government bodies for cyber psychology. He has been a keynote speaker in many international conferences and conducts widely-acclaimed cyber psychology workshops.

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