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Comprised of academia, industry. and thought leaders, Cyberverse provides a holistic approach to learning by not just confining learning to the dassroom but by encouraging a dynamic, hands-on, experiential, and role-based approach.

Are you interested in equipping yourself with the skills to build a cyber resilient tomorrow and be sought after by industry leaders for coveted job offers?

Foundation & Management Programs

Rs. 30,000 + GST

Basics of Information Security

Rs. 5,000 + GST

Cyber Crime Intervention Officer

Rs. 2,500 + GST

Cybersecurity Governance Professional

Technical Programs

Rs. 99,000 + GST

Bug Bounty

Rs. 60,000 + GST

ISAC Certified Penetration Tester

Rs. 60,000 + GST


Cyberverse Foundation, founded by Bherunda Foundation in partrership with Information Sharing and Analysis Certer 0SAC) and Mysore Royal Academy Trust MYRA), and backed by Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) aims to make Mysuru the chosen cyber security destination.

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To avail this coupon, purchase the Course Bundle-01 (Basics of Information Security + Cyber Crime Intervention Officer)


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To avail this coupon, purchase the Course Bundle-02(Bundle-01 + Forensic Investigator)


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To avail this coupon, purchase the Course Bundle-03(Bundle-02 + Bug Bounty Researcher)


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To avail this coupon, purchase the Course Bundle-04(Bundle-03 + ISAC Certified Penetration Tester)


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To avail this coupon, purchase the Course Bundle-05(Bundle-04 + Cybersecurity Governance Professional)

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